AAOS 2023 was an important moment in our journey to simplifying endoscopy

Orthopedic surgery community’s response to Summit™ will help us reach our peak

Pristine Surgical team at AAOS 2023Manchester, NH — March 15, 2023 — Image quality, hand-feel, and having a brand-new scope for every case – these are some of the things the orthopedic community heralded in their feedback to us after experiencing Summit™ at the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting in Las Vegas March 7-11.

Our team was on the ground to connect with other innovators and showcase Summit™, our first-of-its-kind single-use surgical arthroscope that is disrupting endoscopy. After achieving 4K image resolution in 2022, Summit™ received FDA 510(k) clearance in January of this year and was on display for the duration of the conference.

“We’re grateful for everyone who stopped by our booth to try out Summit™ and share their perspectives,” said Pristine Surgical CEO Bryan Lord. “As we approach commercialization and the next milestone in our trek to simplifying endoscopy, it’s validating to hear from customers that our technology will make an impact in the operating room and ultimately patients’ lives.”

AAOS attendees also had the opportunity to see how Summit™ can be used to innovate and simplify shoulder surgery during a demonstration of the SCOI Row Technique with surgical arthroscopy pioneer Stephen Snyder, MD. See a short snapshot here.

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