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At Pristine Surgical, we create endoscopic visualization solutions that empower you to see beyond the expected. Our revolutionary single-use platform delivers a new, sterile scope for every procedure — eliminating the need for re-processing and maintenance while providing a consistently clear, high-definition visual image, day in and day out. Coupled with our cloud-based software, we go beyond the scope to help you work more efficiently than ever. It’s a hassle-free, reliable solution that minimizes risk while saving valuable time and money. Here are some of our advantages:



Surgeons demand a clear image for each procedure. A Pristine single-use scope brings the predictability of a new scope to every case. In addition, our high-definition digital technology eliminates peripheral distortion and enhances images with proprietary software.



Surgical infections can occur because traditional scopes are difficult to clean and time-consuming to sterilize. Pristine scopes are 100% sterile and used just once. It’s safer for patients, and with our green disposal process, it’s better for the environment as well.



Ease of use and better patient experience are critical. With Pristine, each surgery is easier to prepare and easier to perform while delivering better patient experience and improved surgical outcomes.


Cost Effective

Traditional rod-lens scopes and rod-lens based imaging systems are expensive to purchase, refurbish, clean and maintain. Pristine single-use scopes lower the total cost per procedure and transforms the surgical equipment cost structure from a high fixed cost to a low variable cost per-procedure.



Pristine Cloud – Pristine’s digital health services platform.


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