Single-use design brings the endoscope into the 21st century

Bringing the endoscope into the 21st century

Pristine Surgical is dedicated to improving the surgical episode for patient, surgeon and center in endoscopic procedures via our single-use digital visualization platform. We provide consistently clear images with a brand-new endoscope, every time.

Increasing patient safety

Pristine Surgical’s first-of-its-kind, single-use digital visualization platform eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from reprocessing, so every procedure is performed with a brand-new, high-definition endoscope that’s sterile out of the box. The design and construction of the Pristine endoscope is highly robust, having withstood a battery of rigorous safety tests both on a standalone basis and when interacting with other surgical instruments.

Improving economics & efficiency

In a typical endoscopy program, the cost of reprocessing and maintaining each endoscope is multiple times that of the scope itself. The Pristine Surgical platform eliminates reprocessing and maintenance costs and shifts expenses from fixed to variable, improving cash flow. Pristine’s single-use design, coupled with the platform’s automated inventory management tools, removes bottlenecks due to the unavailability or poor quality of reprocessed endoscopes.

Advancing the state of the art in endoscopy

Pristine Surgical’s high-definition digital platform is scalable and extendable, eliminating obsolescence, meaning that the software and hardware are able to be seamlessly upgraded without further capital expenditure. Pristine’s cloud-based SaaS platform, Pristine Connect, drives efficiency throughout the entire episode of care, using HIPAA-compliant video and text to enhance communication and improve satisfaction all around.

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