Pristine Surgical has developed a single-use, endoscopic visualization platform. In short, we build Pristine Scopes: disposable arthroscopes and laparoscopes. We connect these devices to surgical hardware and a cloud-based software platform we call Pristine Connect. Together, this system is designed to reduce cost, minimize risk, and increase, both, efficiency and reliability to over 25 million procedures performed by orthopedic/sports medicine and general surgeons per year worldwide.

The Pristine Scope is a first-of-its-kind single-use rigid endoscopic surgical device combining state-of-the-art digital imaging, lighting, advanced software tools and automated delivery mechanisms. Pristine Surgical rethought the surgical instrumentation design while preserving ergonomics for the surgeon and thoughtfully enhanced the economics and workflow of the procedure for the surgical center, the physician and the patient.

Pristine Surgical is determined to develop the best line of products and services focused on our five values of making surgical procedures clear, clean, convenient, cost effective and connected. Clear and predictable vision every time with a single-use platform; clean and 100% sterile out of the box for every procedure; convenient with quick and easy surgery preparation and smooth intra-operative performance; cost effective single-use disposable scope that minimizes risk while lowering the overall cost per procedure; and connected with an integrated proprietary digital health services platform known as Pristine Connect.

Headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, Pristine Surgical is led by a highly experienced management team, board of directors and board of advisors that includes leading medical and business professionals from across the country.

Pristine Surgical: Beyond the Scope™.